Sewing – Headbands

I have been thinking about gifts for the upcoming festive season early this year. I think I’m more aware of what we spend on gifts now we are a single income family & we also have some big expenses (camper, car lease payout & Macro Boy’s schooling) coming up right in the new year that is contributing to that mindset.

I’m also the manager of about 10 people, plus I have 9 other colleagues that I would like to give something to as a token of my appreciation for their support, hard work & guidance during 2014.

I guess the split between male & females for this guest list would be pretty even & it totals about 20. That is a LOT of gifts, considering I only have 4 people I give gifts to in my immediate family. So you can see how quickly the costs could add up.

So what have I come up with for Christmas 2014? All the boys will be getting a large-ish bar of home-made soap in a citrus scent & I will put these in some small draw-string gift bags I have been making in different ‘festive’ colours.


You can find the tutorial for these bags here

The girls will be getting a smaller bar of home-made soap & a home made headband. I’ve just been following this tutorial here. The only change I’ve made to the pattern is that I have been starting with 20 inch lengths of fabric, but I have made the strips 2.5 inches wide, which results in a much thinner headband, but I think the girls I’m making them for will prefer that. I’ve popped some pictures below of my sewing area whilst putting a couple of these gifts together this morning.


Cutting the fabric strips – You will need 2 this size for the project


Fold each of the 2 strips in half lengthwise (right side of fabric facing) & pin

IMG_1584 (2)

Sew with a zig-zag stitch with about a 1/4 inch seam


Use a safety pin to feed through the sewn up tube of fabric so it’s the right way out then give the strips a good iron with the seam facing down & in the centre


Cross the two strips over each other, making a + shape you want the horizontal axis to have the seam facing up to the ceiling & the vertical axis & to have the seam facing your table.

Then you place all 4 ends together & sew with a straight stitch back & forth a few times. I am a bit funny about making sure these are super secure, so I actually sew both ends of each strip together first, then I put all four together & sew again.

Then I just take my rotary cutter and trim off any excess fabric around the ends so that the join sits flat at the base of the headband wearers head.



As you can see, I’ve made 4 so far. I have about another 6 to make. They are super easy & look quite cute & just cost very very little, in fact, if you had a good stash of fabric, you could just raid that!

Have a great week!!!


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