Samsung Tablet Cover – My first real sewing project

My amazing Dad splashed out recently & spent all his frequent flyer points on a brand spanking new Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Before you say ‘that’s crazy, all those points for a tablet’, keep in mind that my Dad isn’t planning on flying anywhere in the short or long-term so the points were never going to go to future holidays & secondly, these are points that Dad accumulated when he was working full-time & flying all over Australia & the world actually. So he hasn’t really ever paid anything for these points (well not actual monetary funds but he sure did pay for it in spades when you consider the time away from family & long stays in pretty rural locations).

So I’m pretty excited for him, my Dad is a pretty conservative man & I don’t believe he would ever spend $500 on a tablet so to redeem some points that were just hanging there for something he really wanted is kinda ace.

I decided I should take the next step in my sewing journey & actually make a project. Up to this point I’ve simply sewn headbands & gift bags. Nice, but not exactly projects where I could call myself a fully fledged sewer. The challenge called for a tablet cover.

This would be my first project using batting & any type of quilting techniques. Oh & the first time I ever really tried binding my work. As I type this, I realise I probably bit off more than I can chew, but hey, I got there in the end. It is not perfect, but then again, I’m not sure anything I sew will ever be perfect & that is ok, as long as it is functional & looks ok, then I can deal with imperfection.

To start, this is the YouTube video I watched to get me started on this project.

Things I would do better or change:

  • I would be more diligent & sew the diagonal strips of fabric on the outer side of the cover straighter. To my eye I can see where I went a little crooked, however this is something I will get better at with practice I think.
  • I would watch the video more closely & do the side & top binding all in one strip. This is something I forgot from watching the video to heading into my sewing room & I think the finished product would look more polished with mitered corners.
  • I would get stick on velcro & sew it on using the machine. I chose to hand sew all 4 pieces of velcro this time as I’d read somewhere that velcro can really blunt your sewing machine needle. After hand sewing the 4 pieces, I’ll take a blunt needle, it can be replaced.
  • Next time I think I will try 2 press-studs rather than velcro I think. I think the finished product may look nicer.

Here are some pictures I took throughout the project. Still very much getting used to this camera.

IMG_1621 IMG_1622 IMG_1624 IMG_1626 IMG_1628 IMG_1631 IMG_1632 IMG_1633 IMG_1634 IMG_1635 IMG_1638There you have it. My first ever padded tablet cover. Off to give it to Dad tomorrow & I’m keeping fingers crossed it’s the snug & protective fit his tablet is looking for.

I plan to make another one for him over the Christmas break. One that will accommodate a further gift we will be giving to him for Christmas.

The next few weekends will involve making the final gift bags for Christmas, making some gift tags for these & stamping the soaps I made back in October. Then I get to put all the gifts together.

I’ll pop back & update when I can.


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