Drawstring Bag – A little bit fancy


I actually didn’t know I would get this excited about a drawstring bag, but I am SO excited.

What makes this project special is that it’s fully lined, has channels sewn in & I’ve managed to perfectly match up the different fabrics.

This has left me with a really professional looking project (in my total newbie opinion ha!) & for the perfectionist in me, I really think that is amazing for me to think that.

I enrolled in a free Craftsy ‘Drawstring Bag & Bucket Bag’ online class. You can find a list of their free classes here. I find them SO helpful for a beginner sewist.


I wasn’t even planning on making this today, I just downloaded the class & watched & it became apparent very quickly what I would use some newly purchased fabric for. So I just dived in. This will end up being a bag for pegs in our new caravan.

I purchase this fabric on Boxing Day @ Spotlight as all fabric is currently 40% off. Exciting I know! So exciting I think I will go back tomorrow just to have a bit more of a look at what I can pick up.

The only addition I might make to this bag is to add an iron on transfer if I can find anything laundry related in my travels. I think playing with different ribbons for the drawstring would also be fun.



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