Bucket Bag – A First Attempt


Happy New Year!

Today we had the privilege of catching up with friends for breakfast, before it got way too hot to do much else. It was a scorcher here in Melbourne, but the idea of just sitting under the air-conditioning like a vegetable wasn’t entirely appealing.

My sewing room has air-con & is on the cool side of the house, so this afternoon I jumped in & made a bucket bag for my Mum. As with my drawstring bag, I made this by following the Craftsy sewing class with Kristen Link. You can find that here.

I decided to use denim for the base of the bag. This probably wasn’t the smartest move for my first time round with this pattern. It became quite difficult to attach the round base to the body of the bag due to thickness of the denim once doubled up.

Next time I would still consider using denim but I would put it at the top of the bag & have the patterned fabric as the bag base.

My favourite part about the finished product is the handle, I really like the effect of stitching along the length of it as it ends up looking pretty as well as strengthening the final product.


All in all, this was a really good project & I will definitely make some more. I’m also looking at making a tote bag & zipper pouch soon, so that pretty paisley fabric might get another run.

Hope Mum likes it!



One thought on “Bucket Bag – A First Attempt

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