Mittens for Koalas


A call went out via the Australian media in the last couple of days for some 100% cotton mittens for injured koalas caught up in recent bush fires across the southern parts of the country.

In the back of my mind, I’ve always hoped that whilst the sewing and crochet aspects of my world are relaxing, interesting & useful, that at some stage I would be able to use these skills for charitable work.

As I work full time, I may not be able to donate lots of man hours to charitable pursuits & as a single income household, we may not be able to donate significant funds, but one thing I can do is donate some of my time on the weekend, that probably would have already been spent sewing.

So that’s what I have done on this super gloomy & cool Saturday. I will get MacroBoy to post them off on Monday.

I used this pattern, which I found via this article.


Hope you’re having a great weekend. I am thinking I will attempt a tote bag tomorrow…and if that works, perhaps I will consider my first ever skirt in coming weeks (argh, garment making, can I even do that?!?!).


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