The Tote Bag


After my little mitten adventure yesterday, I thought I would make something nice & simple for myself today.

Again, I took inspiration & direction from a Craftsy course. The instructor is Kristen Link & the free course also has instructions on how to make a small zipper pouch which is another simple project I am hoping to embark on as soon as I get over my fear of zippers (soon I hope!).

I really love how this bag came out. I used the last of the denim that I had left from Mum’s bucket bag & I think it worked really well with the neutral patterned fabric. The only thing I really changed from the pattern was that I made the pocket significantly bigger. I wanted to be able to drop my keys & phone in there to avoid the inevitable fishing expedition I have to embark on every time I get back to the car.

IMG_1746 IMG_1744

You could have a lot of fun with this bag, using different patterns, colours etc. It is designed to be fully reversible so you could have two completely different fabrics & make it a true two-in-one bag, however, I just chose a plain fabric for my lining as I’m happy not to take advantage of the reversible design this time.

I can see this bag getting a lot of use, especially for market visits & quick bike rides to the supermarket. I also think this would be a great gift & I think I will make a few for that very purpose this year.

IMG_1743 IMG_1747

Well, that’s it for another weekend, back to the real world tomorrow.

Hoping to update the blog with some natural health remedies that I’ve been trying lately. I will try to get that up in the next couple of weeks.


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