Taking Stock – July 2015

Worst blogger ever haha. I have so much to write about – just no time to sit and do it.

Making: A crochet blanket for a little human due later this year. Oh & more pencil cases, they seem to be popular with people at work. This is my latest one.

PencilCaseCooking: Amazing home-made sausage rolls. Comfort food at its best. This laksa was pretty kick-arse too.

LaksaDrinking: Shiraz, mainly from the Barossa or McLaren Vale
Reading: Better Than Before – By Gretchen Rubin. All about forming habits & mastering them – So many notes being taken haha.
Wanting: To de-clutter the house even further. Bit by bit, little by little.
Looking: Forward to our next camping adventure which will be free camping in October, but in the mean time, I still have memories of our long weekend in Halls Gap – Stayed at the best caravan park ever

HallsGapPlaying: Lots of Angus & Julia Stone (perfect for slow Sunday’s).
Deciding: What glasses to purchase…I chose these Alex Perry specs.

SpecsWishing: We had more land to follow our dreams now. All good things come to those who wait is the motto
Enjoying: Fresh juice every morning. Fave combo so far is orange, carrot, lemon, ginger, apple & celery.
Wondering: If Spotlight will have dinosaur print fabric for a special sewing project.
Loving: Orange is the new black – Slowly getting into it anyways. It’s the perfect thing for cold winter nights. Or mornings, like this one a few weeks ago.

FrostPondering: Why people think it’s a good idea to leave everything till the last minute.
Buying: Not much – I am officially on a clothes, shoes & makeup fast until Spring haha.
Marveling: At the invention of the Hibermate (http://www.hibermate.com/) hahaha
Cringing: At every single thing that comes out of ours Prime Ministers (& most of his party) mouth.
Needing: More time to read. Who knew that my relax time would be so stressful, never enough time to read haha.

Questioning: Why I only have 24 hours in my day, with sleep, work & travel, I’m not sure where I am supposed to fit crafting, working out, relaxing & READING!
Smelling: Tea-tree oil in our humidifier…hopefully that helps keep the germs away.
Wearing: My new Converse sneakers in Poolside & loving myself sick in them.
Following: Lots of Beauty YouTuber’s. Now that my skin is clearing, I’m a bit more interested.
Thinking: Always…It never stops…But mostly about where to go next year with the caravan.
Admiring: MacroBoy’s sense of self & his ability to do the right thing, even when he doesn’t have to.
Sorting: My makeup collection – Strangely satisfying.
Bookmarking: YouTube videos with makeup tips.
Coveting: Clear skin. Getting there!

No Make UpGiggling: At Carl Barron on Netflix. Has to be one of the funniest men alive.
Feeling: Pretty darn good, but ready to tackle the next 5kg I need to get rid of. First habit to form after I finish ‘Better Than Before’ is to get back to walking – It needs to happen.
Snacking: On home-made fresh cashew butter. So amazing & better than anything you can get off a supermarket shelf.
Helping: The economy when I consider how much I’ve spent on skin-care just before this spending freeze lol.
Hearing: Megan Trainor – Just discovered – I know – Living under a rock hahaha.

Regular programming will resume shortly….


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