Organisation – The KonMari Method – Clothes, Shoes, Bags – The 1st Phase


Mum, what have you done?!?!

One thing I put on my ‘goals’ list this year was to read more & in keeping with being more aware of our spending (due to the whole ‘one income household’ issue) I decided to sign up to our local library & borrow as much as I can rather than buy books on Kindle.

One of my other goals was to further declutter our home & lives in 2015. Specifically I said I wanted to get rid of 365 items & I think at last count, this was around the 190 mark. Let’s just say, over this past weekend, I completed smashed this goal for the entire year.

So where am I going with all of this? Well, let me explain. One of the books I’ve borrowed recently was ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ by famed Japanese organising consultant Marie Kondo. I was curious about it, as it had flitted across my radar a couple of times this year so I put my name on the hold list (with 50 other people mind you) and lo & behold, I had my hot little hands on a copy eventually.

I won’t give a book review here, but I will say, I enjoyed it. I think you have to enjoy the book through the lense of a small understanding of the Japanese people & perhaps some of their ‘quirkiness’ & understand they work with extremely small living spaces in a lot of instances & that they are in my humble opinion quite a consumer driven society (ahhh, aren’t we all living in one of those).

Needless to say, I was inspired after reading the book & set out to tackle the first set of categories, which is clothes. KonMari breaks this down into the following categories:

Tops, Bottoms, Clothes to be hung (suits, coats etc), Socks, Underwear, Bags, Accessories, Clothes for Specific Events (swimming, uniforms etc) & finally, Shoes.

So that is exactly what I did & in the spirit of sharing & potential public shaming of myself, here is a few before photos.

BedBefore3 BedBefore4

What I find particularly alarming (which I shouldn’t have, because KonMari does highlight in the book that you will be surprised by what you own) was just the sheer amount of clothing items I have (had). Especially as I have really focused on culling my clothes, shoes etc pretty consistently over the last 2 years.

So what are the key things I took out of this?

  1. Kon Marie is right when she recommends you ‘lay all your possessions in the category out’ to see what you are really dealing with. Take a moment to think ‘oh shit, why did I start this’ & then get into it.
  2. That you do go by category (i.e. tops, bottoms, etc) rather than just haphazardly with whatever you pick up.
  3. Designate a space for every item you own. You can’t expect to keep your possessions tidy if every single one doesn’t have a home. I’ve never thought about it before, but this really clicked with me.
  4. This really only took me half a day to do – Once you start, it is easier than you think & it is scarily satisfying.

Here are the after shots – I would suggest I still have too many clothes compared to some & others out there will wonder how I will cope with so few items of clothing. Each to their own I guess.

IMG_0068The sleepwear drawer

IMG_0065 The Workout Wear Drawer (who knew I was so drawn to black, blue & white for exercising haha)IMG_0078 The Lounge Wear Drawer (a.k.a. the I wanna be a bum drawer)IMG_0076 The Knits & Jeans DrawerIMG_0075 The Socks & Stockings DrawerIMG_0069 The Tank Top Drawer



And finally, the WIR – So much space & everything has a home – Officially in love

I will save you any pictures of the underwear drawer, but I will say that is also significantly smaller than it was. With only stuff I love, nothing with broken hooks, dodgy underwires etc. What a revelation!

And here is the bed, that was hiding under all those clothes, just for pure proof purposes that I didn’t just pack some drawers & leave it all on the bed. I ended up getting rid of 7 bags of clothes, shoes, handbags, etc. Five of those will be donated with the remaining two to be thrown away.


Next weekend is books. This will be super tough as I do become very attached to those bound bits of paper with ink all over them, but I feel that KonMari has provided some very sound rationale for me to reduce my book stocks significantly, so I will come back with another post shortly.


If you'd like, please leave a comment. I respond to all comments & love to know that you're reading & what you think of this little space

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