Here we are a year later

Gosh 12 months just zooms by doesn’t it?!

It’s been interesting, well, interesting to me I suppose haha. We had a sad loss early in the year & a lot of last year was taken up with preparing for that. It isn’t my story to tell so I will leave it at that. Work for me has been quite an experience & I have found myself fighting harder than ever to maintain that elusive work-life balance. To be blunt, I havent found it & Im entirely tired of trying.

My anxiety has made far more appearances in the last 6 months than I would have liked & I’ve had to employ all the tricks in my ‘deal with it’ bag just to get through some days & weeks. Luckily I am surrounded by an amazing team who supports me & I am also proactive about management myself.

Late last year I joined a local gym & this had been one of the very best things I’ve done. I have lost a lot of weight, got so fit & signed up for challenges I never thought I would. The good news is I still have a long way to go on this fitness journey so I’m sure to keep this space updated about that.


Before Miss Muddy 2016


After Miss Muddy 2016

I have so many ideas for this little blog space & it has frustrated me so much to go through each weekend without sewing, cooking & creating so that I could post here. I still post on Instagram, but it isnt the same as here.

So I guess what Im trying to say is, I’m back, it’s been a crazy year BUT I’m dedicated to get back here & post more. So dedicated that I’ve given my job notice that I will be finishing up on the 30th September & taking a 12 month leave of absence.

Say what?!?!

Yep, if the last year has taught me anything, it’s taught me that life is precious; you only get one go at it; the people in your life ‘make it’ & it won’t slow down unless I actively take steps to slow it down.

I’m fortunate to be surrounded by good people, people I adore & people who deserve so much more of me & more of the ‘present’ me; which is the very best version of me. My parents are well, I want to spend time with them when they are well & we can all travel together & make some great memories.

More than anything MacroBoy & I want to spend time with each other, making our home more productive, working out what we need to live; not just from a monetary perspective but from a health & wellbeing perspective. I’ll still be doing some paid work (we still have a mortgage to pay & you know, we need to eat haha) but it will be much less than what I’m earning now & that is ok as it also comes with a whole less stress & part of what we want to find out is what we really ‘need’ to earn to feel comfortable.

Ok I’ve rambled on sufficiently, so lets pop in some pictures of what we’ve been up to these past 12 months (the fun stuff). Hopefully more of the same fun, plus plenty more will be coming up here.

Just need to get through 11 more weeks of work……..


8 years of marriage & 13 years together this year


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