Organisation – The KonMari Method – Clothes, Shoes, Bags – The 1st Phase


Mum, what have you done?!?!

One thing I put on my ‘goals’ list this year was to read more & in keeping with being more aware of our spending (due to the whole ‘one income household’ issue) I decided to sign up to our local library & borrow as much as I can rather than buy books on Kindle.

One of my other goals was to further declutter our home & lives in 2015. Specifically I said I wanted to get rid of 365 items & I think at last count, this was around the 190 mark. Let’s just say, over this past weekend, I completed smashed this goal for the entire year.

So where am I going with all of this? Well, let me explain. One of the books I’ve borrowed recently was ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ by famed Japanese organising consultant Marie Kondo. I was curious about it, as it had flitted across my radar a couple of times this year so I put my name on the hold list (with 50 other people mind you) and lo & behold, I had my hot little hands on a copy eventually.

I won’t give a book review here, but I will say, I enjoyed it. I think you have to enjoy the book through the lense of a small understanding of the Japanese people & perhaps some of their ‘quirkiness’ & understand they work with extremely small living spaces in a lot of instances & that they are in my humble opinion quite a consumer driven society (ahhh, aren’t we all living in one of those).

Needless to say, I was inspired after reading the book & set out to tackle the first set of categories, which is clothes. KonMari breaks this down into the following categories:

Tops, Bottoms, Clothes to be hung (suits, coats etc), Socks, Underwear, Bags, Accessories, Clothes for Specific Events (swimming, uniforms etc) & finally, Shoes.

So that is exactly what I did & in the spirit of sharing & potential public shaming of myself, here is a few before photos.

BedBefore3 BedBefore4

What I find particularly alarming (which I shouldn’t have, because KonMari does highlight in the book that you will be surprised by what you own) was just the sheer amount of clothing items I have (had). Especially as I have really focused on culling my clothes, shoes etc pretty consistently over the last 2 years.

So what are the key things I took out of this?

  1. Kon Marie is right when she recommends you ‘lay all your possessions in the category out’ to see what you are really dealing with. Take a moment to think ‘oh shit, why did I start this’ & then get into it.
  2. That you do go by category (i.e. tops, bottoms, etc) rather than just haphazardly with whatever you pick up.
  3. Designate a space for every item you own. You can’t expect to keep your possessions tidy if every single one doesn’t have a home. I’ve never thought about it before, but this really clicked with me.
  4. This really only took me half a day to do – Once you start, it is easier than you think & it is scarily satisfying.

Here are the after shots – I would suggest I still have too many clothes compared to some & others out there will wonder how I will cope with so few items of clothing. Each to their own I guess.

IMG_0068The sleepwear drawer

IMG_0065 The Workout Wear Drawer (who knew I was so drawn to black, blue & white for exercising haha)IMG_0078 The Lounge Wear Drawer (a.k.a. the I wanna be a bum drawer)IMG_0076 The Knits & Jeans DrawerIMG_0075 The Socks & Stockings DrawerIMG_0069 The Tank Top Drawer



And finally, the WIR – So much space & everything has a home – Officially in love

I will save you any pictures of the underwear drawer, but I will say that is also significantly smaller than it was. With only stuff I love, nothing with broken hooks, dodgy underwires etc. What a revelation!

And here is the bed, that was hiding under all those clothes, just for pure proof purposes that I didn’t just pack some drawers & leave it all on the bed. I ended up getting rid of 7 bags of clothes, shoes, handbags, etc. Five of those will be donated with the remaining two to be thrown away.


Next weekend is books. This will be super tough as I do become very attached to those bound bits of paper with ink all over them, but I feel that KonMari has provided some very sound rationale for me to reduce my book stocks significantly, so I will come back with another post shortly.


Mittens for Koalas


A call went out via the Australian media in the last couple of days for some 100% cotton mittens for injured koalas caught up in recent bush fires across the southern parts of the country.

In the back of my mind, I’ve always hoped that whilst the sewing and crochet aspects of my world are relaxing, interesting & useful, that at some stage I would be able to use these skills for charitable work.

As I work full time, I may not be able to donate lots of man hours to charitable pursuits & as a single income household, we may not be able to donate significant funds, but one thing I can do is donate some of my time on the weekend, that probably would have already been spent sewing.

So that’s what I have done on this super gloomy & cool Saturday. I will get MacroBoy to post them off on Monday.

I used this pattern, which I found via this article.


Hope you’re having a great weekend. I am thinking I will attempt a tote bag tomorrow…and if that works, perhaps I will consider my first ever skirt in coming weeks (argh, garment making, can I even do that?!?!).