A My Little Pony Project

We have been lucky enough to have a very quiet weekend, so after an amazing breakfast date on Saturday morning, I got stuck into a little project for a young friend.

A beloved colleague & friend asked if I would make a zipper pouch & drawstring bag for his daughter, and when the fabric was already purchased and ready to go, well, how could I say no!?!

It wasn’t a stress free project, I made an incorrect cut on the lining fabric of the drawstring bag, so some emergency repairs ensued, which proved challenging due to the zig-zag nature of the pattern, but hey, it kept the afternoon interesting haha.

I also really struggled with inserting the zip into the zipper pouch. I’m definitely no expert when it comes to zips, with this being my 3rd ever zip installation, however, the others seemed easier.

Overall I’m pretty happy with how they turned out, so fingers crossed the person who they have been made for is also happy with the final product.

pencil case_pony_web

I decided to style my makes with home grown roses, we seem to be getting a final flush in the front garden before the Autumn weather starts to creep in (which I’m not going to lie, I am super excited about hehe).


I’m also a bit over the warm weather as 2015 is my year of looking after my health, which involves a lot of working out & this is just a little bit more pleasant when the weather is cool. I’m a bit shy when it comes to talking about stuff like this, but perhaps in a few months, if I feel I’ve found a good recipe for success & balance, then I will share how I’m trying to improve my overall well-being.

Upcoming projects include another tote bag for a special someone. This time with black & white chevron & chocolate suede, I’m scared & excited at the same time. Will post when it is done!

Hope you all have a fab week. Mine involves 10 pin bowling, hopefully a stay at a fancy city hotel, lots of working out & eating clean, along with a few treat meals and LOTS of talking on Thursday. Bring it on xxx


Drawstring Bag – A little bit fancy


I actually didn’t know I would get this excited about a drawstring bag, but I am SO excited.

What makes this project special is that it’s fully lined, has channels sewn in & I’ve managed to perfectly match up the different fabrics.

This has left me with a really professional looking project (in my total newbie opinion ha!) & for the perfectionist in me, I really think that is amazing for me to think that.

I enrolled in a¬†free Craftsy ‘Drawstring Bag & Bucket Bag’ online class. You can find a list of their free classes here. I find them SO helpful for a beginner sewist.


I wasn’t even planning on making this today, I just downloaded the class & watched & it became apparent very quickly what I would use some newly purchased fabric for. So I just dived in. This will end up being a bag for pegs in our new caravan.

I purchase this fabric on Boxing Day @ Spotlight as all fabric is currently 40% off. Exciting I know! So exciting I think I will go back tomorrow just to have a bit more of a look at what I can pick up.

The only addition I might make to this bag is to add an iron on transfer if I can find anything laundry related in my travels. I think playing with different ribbons for the drawstring would also be fun.