A Zipper Pouch & some Sleep Balm

case and balm_01

Today was a pretty relaxed Sunday. This was much needed as MacroBoy & I ventured to Ikea yesterday & that requires some getting over haha.

The good thing about the trip is that it was a complete success & my craft room has been very much made over now, so I will do a post on that very soon (just have to get MacroBoy to hang some artwork for me).

I promised a colleague I would make her a treatment to help her get to sleep & hopefully have a more restful sleep.

I based my recipe off Shalom Mama’s, however I’ve made my own tweaks.

You will need:

– 1/8 cup Lemon Balm

– 1/8 cup Chamomile Flowers

– 3/4 cup Coconut Oil

– 1 tbsp beeswax

– 15 drops each of Lavender, Cedarwood & Lemon essential oils

To make:

– Preheat your oven to 200 degrees celsius

– Melt your coconut oil (either in a saucepan on low heat or in the microwave) then add this to an oven proof bowl & add your lemon balm & chamomile flowers

– Once the oven is up to temperature, turn it off & place the bowl with herbs & oil in the oven for at least 3 hours

– After leaving the herbs to steep in the oil, strain the herbs so you are just left with the oil, then place this oil along with beeswax into a small saucepan on a low heat

– When the beeswax is completely melted, take the oil off the heat & add your essential oils

– Pour this into your container & you are done

I rub a small amount onto to the soles of my feet & a little dab onto my temples each night as I get into bed. I love it & find it incredibly effective.


Whilst I was waiting for the herbs to steep in the oil I went to try out my new & improved craft room. To accompany my sleep balm gift, I decided to make a little zipper pouch to hold the tin.

I used this Craftsy course which is the same course I used to help make my tote bag from my last post.

It was my first attempt (& success) at working with a zip. I did OK, it isn’t perfect, but at the same time, I thought it was going to be a whole lot harder, so I was definitely pleasantly surprised & will not shy away from zipper installation in the future.

This zipper pouch is something I could put together easily in an hour or so & would be great for gifts. I can already think of one other person who desperately needs a pencil case upgrade at work, so I will add them to my gift list.

You may notice the photos in this post are far better than usual…I will happily admit I employed MacroBoy’s services for these.

Have a great week!

case closeup_02 case with stuff


Heat & Cool Pack – A Gift For My Uncle


I am officially on holidays for 16 days & I plan to do lots of little projects over this break. The goal is to also blog about them, but let’s not get carried away.

Today was an opportunity for me to get into my sewing room & get our Christmas gift for my amazing Uncle done & dusted.

I have never attempted a heat & cool pack, however both my husband & myself use ours regularly & I’ve often thought about ways to improve on the design.

I watched quite a few different YouTube videos & gathered different ideas then decided to embark on my own basic design & I am pretty happy with the final result.


  • 3 different fabrics – 100% cotton – this is important as you want to be able to safely put this bag in the microwave
  • fabric scissors or rotary cutter
  • pins & snips
  • 4 cups rice mixed with about 15 drops Lavender essential oil
  • funnel
  • thread of your colour choice
  • cutting mat & ruler


I started by cutting 4 strips of each of the 3 different fabrics. These strips were 2.5 x 10 inches.


Once you have cut all of your strips, line them up in the order you want them to appear on your finished product. I kept mine simple with just a repeat of the same pattern.

IMG_1664Now it’s time to start sewing pieces together. Place the first two pieces together with right sides facing each other & sew along the long edge. I use a 1/4 inch seam for my strips.

IMG_1667 IMG_1666

Keep doing this for each strip until your have sewn all pieces together. Then iron all of your seams open so they are nice & flat.

This may also be the time you need to straighten up one end of your strips so both long edges are straight.

You should now have a nice long rectangle constructed from all 12 of your sewn together strips.


Fold this rectangle in half length-ways so both long sides are facing each other. You want the ‘pretty’ sides of the fabric facing each other. Pin along one short edge, along open long edge & along the other short edge with approximately 2 inches to remain open (so you can turn the bag the right way out once you have sewn it up).

Take the time here to line your strip seams up so the final product is nice & neat.

IMG_1670 IMG_1671

Once you have sewn along the 3 pinned edges, use that 2 inch gap to turn your bag out so the nice side of the fabric is shown, you can iron this now if you want, I did so I could get some nice crisp seams.


Now the fun part begins, you can start to pour your rice in to your bag by putting the funnel into the opening in your bag. Start with 1 cup of scented rice. Shake the rice really well down to the bottom of the bag. Insert some pins where the rice stops as this will stop it from moving around as you sew up the first section.

I chose to sew a total of 4 panels into my bag as this helps distribute the rice evenly & make sure your whole neck & shoulders (or other affected area) has a good amount of hot or cold rice against it. I sewed along every third panel based on my design of 12 strips of fabric.


Continue on doing this until you have 4 rice filled panels. I then tucked in the last couple of open inches of fabric on the short side of the bag & sewed very closely to the edge to catch the folded in seam.

To strengthen the bag I then sewed another top seam a 1/4 inch from the edge to bake sure it was well & truly secure. I then went down & did a double top seam on the other short end of the bag just so it looks the same on both ends. This is entirely optional & just something I wanted to do for decoration.

And there you have it, one completed Christmas present for my Uncle.


Have a great Christmas & New Year peeps. I am sure I will see you before the new year, but I’m not sure. I am hoping to do a post on what I am hoping to achieve in 2015. Not really because I think anyone is particularly interested, but because I want to keep myself accountable.