Here we are a year later

Gosh 12 months just zooms by doesn’t it?!

It’s been interesting, well, interesting to me I suppose haha. We had a sad loss early in the year & a lot of last year was taken up with preparing for that. It isn’t my story to tell so I will leave it at that. Work for me has been quite an experience & I have found myself fighting harder than ever to maintain that elusive work-life balance. To be blunt, I havent found it & Im entirely tired of trying.

My anxiety has made far more appearances in the last 6 months than I would have liked & I’ve had to employ all the tricks in my ‘deal with it’ bag just to get through some days & weeks. Luckily I am surrounded by an amazing team who supports me & I am also proactive about management myself.

Late last year I joined a local gym & this had been one of the very best things I’ve done. I have lost a lot of weight, got so fit & signed up for challenges I never thought I would. The good news is I still have a long way to go on this fitness journey so I’m sure to keep this space updated about that.


Before Miss Muddy 2016


After Miss Muddy 2016

I have so many ideas for this little blog space & it has frustrated me so much to go through each weekend without sewing, cooking & creating so that I could post here. I still post on Instagram, but it isnt the same as here.

So I guess what Im trying to say is, I’m back, it’s been a crazy year BUT I’m dedicated to get back here & post more. So dedicated that I’ve given my job notice that I will be finishing up on the 30th September & taking a 12 month leave of absence.

Say what?!?!

Yep, if the last year has taught me anything, it’s taught me that life is precious; you only get one go at it; the people in your life ‘make it’ & it won’t slow down unless I actively take steps to slow it down.

I’m fortunate to be surrounded by good people, people I adore & people who deserve so much more of me & more of the ‘present’ me; which is the very best version of me. My parents are well, I want to spend time with them when they are well & we can all travel together & make some great memories.

More than anything MacroBoy & I want to spend time with each other, making our home more productive, working out what we need to live; not just from a monetary perspective but from a health & wellbeing perspective. I’ll still be doing some paid work (we still have a mortgage to pay & you know, we need to eat haha) but it will be much less than what I’m earning now & that is ok as it also comes with a whole less stress & part of what we want to find out is what we really ‘need’ to earn to feel comfortable.

Ok I’ve rambled on sufficiently, so lets pop in some pictures of what we’ve been up to these past 12 months (the fun stuff). Hopefully more of the same fun, plus plenty more will be coming up here.

Just need to get through 11 more weeks of work……..


8 years of marriage & 13 years together this year


A My Little Pony Project

We have been lucky enough to have a very quiet weekend, so after an amazing breakfast date on Saturday morning, I got stuck into a little project for a young friend.

A beloved colleague & friend asked if I would make a zipper pouch & drawstring bag for his daughter, and when the fabric was already purchased and ready to go, well, how could I say no!?!

It wasn’t a stress free project, I made an incorrect cut on the lining fabric of the drawstring bag, so some emergency repairs ensued, which proved challenging due to the zig-zag nature of the pattern, but hey, it kept the afternoon interesting haha.

I also really struggled with inserting the zip into the zipper pouch. I’m definitely no expert when it comes to zips, with this being my 3rd ever zip installation, however, the others seemed easier.

Overall I’m pretty happy with how they turned out, so fingers crossed the person who they have been made for is also happy with the final product.

pencil case_pony_web

I decided to style my makes with home grown roses, we seem to be getting a final flush in the front garden before the Autumn weather starts to creep in (which I’m not going to lie, I am super excited about hehe).


I’m also a bit over the warm weather as 2015 is my year of looking after my health, which involves a lot of working out & this is just a little bit more pleasant when the weather is cool. I’m a bit shy when it comes to talking about stuff like this, but perhaps in a few months, if I feel I’ve found a good recipe for success & balance, then I will share how I’m trying to improve my overall well-being.

Upcoming projects include another tote bag for a special someone. This time with black & white chevron & chocolate suede, I’m scared & excited at the same time. Will post when it is done!

Hope you all have a fab week. Mine involves 10 pin bowling, hopefully a stay at a fancy city hotel, lots of working out & eating clean, along with a few treat meals and LOTS of talking on Thursday. Bring it on xxx

Quilted Placemats

Happy Australia Day!

Gosh, what a relaxing & at the same time busy long weekend!

We spent the most of it up at my parents place in Bendigo which was lovely. Dad has been using the total overload of plums to make sauce & I will take some more into work during the week. We are definitely experiencing the summer glut that comes along with mature fruit trees. No complaints here!

At the moment, MacroBoy has just put a whole duck in the oven for our late lunch & I have just taken a banana cake out. Once that has cooled I will smother it with some passionfruit & honey icing & it will be ready for afternoon tea. I used this recipe, which is out of Annabel’s latest cookbook ‘The Free-range Cook – Through The Seasons’. I have her last 3 cookbooks as well as this one. There isn’t a single dish we have cooked out of them that hasn’t been amazing.

The banana cake also keeps our ‘cook one thing out of a different cookbook every week in 2015’ theme alive & well. Winning!

Even though it’s been a long-weekend here in Australia, I haven’t spent a lot of time sewing. I did go shopping for a whole lot of bits & bobs though & I’ve managed to get everything I need for two more tote bags & two more zipper pouches, so I’m sure they will feature in upcoming posts.

Today I finished off some quilted place-mats. I also made continuous bias binding for them which was a first & not nearly as daunting as I thought it would be. I used this tutorial to help me.

The place-mats are made up of 6 x 5 inch squares in 3 different fabrics plus a neutral beige backing. The fabrics will look familiar as they were used for the bucket bag that I made my Mum & the tote bag I made myself recently.


I used a 1/4 seam to sew all the individual blocks together & then to add a little bit of interest when joining the top, batting & backing I stitched a 1/4 seam to either side of the fabric joins. You can see this in the final photos with the binding attached.


I used 2 inch strips of a steel grey plain cotton for the binding. It was tough to match the colours in the fabrics as a lot of the colours in the Paris inspired fabric are faded. I like the way the dark grey has come out in the end.

My binding isn’t perfect, it is definitely wonky at times but that is OK, it’s only my second time ever attempting to bind something, so I’m pleased that I can see an improvement.

IMG_1755 IMG_1754 IMG_1753

These four mats will take pride of place in our new camper trailer when we pick it up in 6-8 weeks. The bonus of using them in the van is that they are super light-weight & fold down nicely so they don’t take up much space.


Ok, off to finish off my home-made facial cleanser, moisturiser, more sleep-balm & sore-muscle salve. Living a simple life can be pretty darn busy sometimes!

A Zipper Pouch & some Sleep Balm

case and balm_01

Today was a pretty relaxed Sunday. This was much needed as MacroBoy & I ventured to Ikea yesterday & that requires some getting over haha.

The good thing about the trip is that it was a complete success & my craft room has been very much made over now, so I will do a post on that very soon (just have to get MacroBoy to hang some artwork for me).

I promised a colleague I would make her a treatment to help her get to sleep & hopefully have a more restful sleep.

I based my recipe off Shalom Mama’s, however I’ve made my own tweaks.

You will need:

– 1/8 cup Lemon Balm

– 1/8 cup Chamomile Flowers

– 3/4 cup Coconut Oil

– 1 tbsp beeswax

– 15 drops each of Lavender, Cedarwood & Lemon essential oils

To make:

– Preheat your oven to 200 degrees celsius

– Melt your coconut oil (either in a saucepan on low heat or in the microwave) then add this to an oven proof bowl & add your lemon balm & chamomile flowers

– Once the oven is up to temperature, turn it off & place the bowl with herbs & oil in the oven for at least 3 hours

– After leaving the herbs to steep in the oil, strain the herbs so you are just left with the oil, then place this oil along with beeswax into a small saucepan on a low heat

– When the beeswax is completely melted, take the oil off the heat & add your essential oils

– Pour this into your container & you are done

I rub a small amount onto to the soles of my feet & a little dab onto my temples each night as I get into bed. I love it & find it incredibly effective.


Whilst I was waiting for the herbs to steep in the oil I went to try out my new & improved craft room. To accompany my sleep balm gift, I decided to make a little zipper pouch to hold the tin.

I used this Craftsy course which is the same course I used to help make my tote bag from my last post.

It was my first attempt (& success) at working with a zip. I did OK, it isn’t perfect, but at the same time, I thought it was going to be a whole lot harder, so I was definitely pleasantly surprised & will not shy away from zipper installation in the future.

This zipper pouch is something I could put together easily in an hour or so & would be great for gifts. I can already think of one other person who desperately needs a pencil case upgrade at work, so I will add them to my gift list.

You may notice the photos in this post are far better than usual…I will happily admit I employed MacroBoy’s services for these.

Have a great week!

case closeup_02 case with stuff

The Tote Bag


After my little mitten adventure yesterday, I thought I would make something nice & simple for myself today.

Again, I took inspiration & direction from a Craftsy course. The instructor is Kristen Link & the free course also has instructions on how to make a small zipper pouch which is another simple project I am hoping to embark on as soon as I get over my fear of zippers (soon I hope!).

I really love how this bag came out. I used the last of the denim that I had left from Mum’s bucket bag & I think it worked really well with the neutral patterned fabric. The only thing I really changed from the pattern was that I made the pocket significantly bigger. I wanted to be able to drop my keys & phone in there to avoid the inevitable fishing expedition I have to embark on every time I get back to the car.

IMG_1746 IMG_1744

You could have a lot of fun with this bag, using different patterns, colours etc. It is designed to be fully reversible so you could have two completely different fabrics & make it a true two-in-one bag, however, I just chose a plain fabric for my lining as I’m happy not to take advantage of the reversible design this time.

I can see this bag getting a lot of use, especially for market visits & quick bike rides to the supermarket. I also think this would be a great gift & I think I will make a few for that very purpose this year.

IMG_1743 IMG_1747

Well, that’s it for another weekend, back to the real world tomorrow.

Hoping to update the blog with some natural health remedies that I’ve been trying lately. I will try to get that up in the next couple of weeks.

Bucket Bag – A First Attempt


Happy New Year!

Today we had the privilege of catching up with friends for breakfast, before it got way too hot to do much else. It was a scorcher here in Melbourne, but the idea of just sitting under the air-conditioning like a vegetable wasn’t entirely appealing.

My sewing room has air-con & is on the cool side of the house, so this afternoon I jumped in & made a bucket bag for my Mum. As with my drawstring bag, I made this by following the Craftsy sewing class with Kristen Link. You can find that here.

I decided to use denim for the base of the bag. This probably wasn’t the smartest move for my first time round with this pattern. It became quite difficult to attach the round base to the body of the bag due to thickness of the denim once doubled up.

Next time I would still consider using denim but I would put it at the top of the bag & have the patterned fabric as the bag base.

My favourite part about the finished product is the handle, I really like the effect of stitching along the length of it as it ends up looking pretty as well as strengthening the final product.


All in all, this was a really good project & I will definitely make some more. I’m also looking at making a tote bag & zipper pouch soon, so that pretty paisley fabric might get another run.

Hope Mum likes it!


Drawstring Bag – A little bit fancy


I actually didn’t know I would get this excited about a drawstring bag, but I am SO excited.

What makes this project special is that it’s fully lined, has channels sewn in & I’ve managed to perfectly match up the different fabrics.

This has left me with a really professional looking project (in my total newbie opinion ha!) & for the perfectionist in me, I really think that is amazing for me to think that.

I enrolled in a¬†free Craftsy ‘Drawstring Bag & Bucket Bag’ online class. You can find a list of their free classes here. I find them SO helpful for a beginner sewist.


I wasn’t even planning on making this today, I just downloaded the class & watched & it became apparent very quickly what I would use some newly purchased fabric for. So I just dived in. This will end up being a bag for pegs in our new caravan.

I purchase this fabric on Boxing Day @ Spotlight as all fabric is currently 40% off. Exciting I know! So exciting I think I will go back tomorrow just to have a bit more of a look at what I can pick up.

The only addition I might make to this bag is to add an iron on transfer if I can find anything laundry related in my travels. I think playing with different ribbons for the drawstring would also be fun.